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While Simply Fun games build your preschooler’s skills through play, they also give you the joy of being the first person in the world to teach them important things. Like counting, reading and sharing, to name a few. 

No matter how crazy it gets being a mom, the giggles alone are worth it. 

You’ll feel so proud helping them grow smarter, and your family stronger.

Raising children is all work - and all play.

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Megan Swap


"How to take turns, count forwards & backwards, add, subtract, decision-making, patterns, states, countries, how to put sentences together... so much to learn playing games!"

"My kids LOVE Buddy Hop. I live in Minnesota so there are days when they just cannot go outside to play. This game gives them a way to burn off energy inside the house plus work on their memory skills. Great game!"

Carolyn Wolbrink

"Bee Alert is the most popular game at our house. We have a pretty large game collection, and this has been our favorite ever since we received it. We play it almost daily!"

Playologist Master

Brittany Clark

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